Providing Comprehensive Medical Care to Residents of Residential Aged Care Facilities

About Us

Doctors in Aged Care is an innovative and modern mobile medical practice with a focus on aged care, visiting residents of several Residential Aged Care Facilities in metropolitan Melbourne. We provide comprehensive, continuous, coordinated, holistic and patient-centred primary healthcare services, with a focus on proactive and preventative care and on the management of acute, chronic and complex medical conditions, dementia and palliative care. We are a GP-led service working together with virtual assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, clinical and supply pharmacists, specialist geriatricians and Telehealth specialist providers, and utilise the latest technology and medical devices to provide excellence in medical care to aged care residents. We are experts in virtual care with extensive experience providing medical care in hybrid formats combining face-to-face visits with phone, Telehealth, email, SMS and chat. We are driven by our values of collaboration, excellence, innovation and service to provide high quality and safe care for residents. We also provide remote administrative support services to doctors working in aged care Australia wide.

Key Benefits for Residents

• Dedicated GP focussed solely on aged care

• Weekly visits on a regular day and time and on-call 7 days a week

•Direct email, fax and mobile phone access to GP for facility nursing staff, patients and families

• Consultation by Telehealth remotely when needed

• Available for Case Conferences with facility nursing staff, patients and families

Annual Comprehensive Medical Assessments

• Annual Residential Medication Management Reviews

• Comprehensive Geriatrician Assessments when needed

• Medical Specialist access via Telehealth when needed

• Nurse Practitioner-led vaccine service (including NEW Shingles and Pneumococcal vaccines)

• Nurse-led ear wax removal by Ear Syringe and Ear Microsuction

• Proactive screening for Osteoporosis to reduce risk of fractures

• After Hours Locum Doctor coverage 7 days a week

• Doctor leave coverage in partnership with Nurse Practitioners and visiting GPs

Nurse Taking Care of Old Lady
Confident Doctor and Couple Patient Sitting at the Table in Clinic Office. Family Doctor. Faceless.
Nurse and Elderly Woman

Key Benefits for Facilities

• Visits on days and times that don't inconvenience you or residents

• Work independently to eliminate any burdens and additional pressures on staff time

• Facilitate rapid and effective clinical handovers with nursing staff

Review and sign off on all ACFI-related forms

• Review and sign off on all Accreditation-related forms

• Review and sign off on all Psychotropic or Chemical Restraint forms

• Frequent review of all psychotropic medications to ensure appropriate use and weaning off if indicated

• Frequent review of the use of PRN (as needed) medications and ceasing unused medications

• Frequent review of the use of all other medications to minimise polypharmacy

• Proactive Goals of Care discussions and form completion with patients and families

• Manage weight loss or weight gain through a Comprehensive Weight Review process

• Minimise recurring falls through a Comprehensive Falls Review process

• Minimise pressure injuries through a Comprehensive Pressure Injury Review process

• All patients proactively registered with MyMedicare



Founder & Principal GP


Dr Jayarajan has 20 years’ experience as a doctor, with 4 years working in both public and private hospitals throughout Australia and 16 years working in general practice in Melbourne. He completed a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery at The University of Melbourne in 2003 and was awarded a Melbourne National Medical Scholarship. He became a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 2010. His clinical interests include aged care, dementia, palliative care, chronic and complex disease management and mental health. He has been providing full-time visiting GP services to residents of Residential Aged Care Facilities since 2017. He has visited over 25 different facilities and managed the medical care of over 500 residents during this time. He is also the Founder & Administrator of the largest educational and peer support group for doctors working in aged care in Australia, the Doctors in Aged Care (DiAC) Facebook group, with over 2300 doctor members. And the Founder & Manager of the DiAC Aged Care Clinical Services Directory that lists medical and allied health businesses that have a focus on servicing aged care facilities. He is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, graduate of the Australasian Institute of Clinical Governance and an Associate Fellow of the Australasian College of Health Service Management.

Balga Iddrisu Alhassan

Nurse Practitioner in Aged Care and Primary Care

Balga Iddrisu (Iddi) completed a Bachelor of Nursing at The University of Deakin in 2007, Master of Gerontology at The University of Charles Sturt in 2014 and Master of Nurse Practitioner at The University of Melbourne in 2018. He has 17 years’ experience as a nurse, with 2 years working in an acute setting at Epworth Richmond and almost 15 years now working in aged care. His clinical interests includes aged care, dementia care, palliative care, chronic diseases and aged mental health. He was born in Ghana in Africa and is married with 3 kids. Iddi is an independent Nurse Practitioner from Mobile Nurse Practitioners who assists in the comprehensive care of Dr. Jayarajan’s patients with a focus on immunisations, minor procedures such as ear syringing and catheter insertions as well as acute medical problems when Dr. Jayarajan is not available or on annual leave. In addition to this he independently manages his own significant caseload of patients at a number of regional area Residential Aged Care Facilities.


Virtual Administration Assistant

Annie is a Virtual Administration Assistant, working remotely and handling key administrative tasks for Dr. Jayarajan. She is an expert in the MediRecords software system and is responsible for uploading documents to the software and allocating them to patient files. She does this on a regular basis to ensure patient files are up to date and complete with all important documents necessary.


Virtual Billing Assistant

Vathani is a Virtual Billing Assistant, working remotely and handling key practice management tasks for Dr. Jayarajan. She is an expert in the MediRecords software system and is responsible for processing Medicare billings and submitting claims, checking concession card status, monitoring claim status and updating billing recalls. She is also available to manage the billings of other independent doctors.

Schedule of Services and Fees

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We help you setup your own independent mobile medical practice

We provide remote administrative support services

We consult on optimising aged care workflow for your practice

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